Anton-Schneider-Straße 5, Bregenz



Weiss is simple, like all good things in life.

That’s why our dishes are all one size, one price. We recommend three to four dishes per person. Of course you are welcome to share and swap plates with your party.

Don’t feel like making decisions? Go for our 5-course menu.
We also serve a choice of snacks.

Snacks € 6

Flatbread with bell pepper puree,
confied garlic, figleave oil & ants

Duroc pork croquette with egg salad,
& elderberry capers

Buchteln with caramelized onions,
alpine cheese & chives oil

Smoked catfish gougère,
kohlrabi & pickled mustard

Intuitiv € 13

Marinated green kale with celeriac,
blackcurrant wood oil & kale chips

Smoked carrot with ricotta,
almond & salted lemon

Beef tartar with hay emulsion,
alpine cheese & pastry

Fried mushrooms with bramata,
pickled leek flowers & chives oil

Beef broth with oysterhead mushroom,
pork belly, leek, ramson capers & liver dumpling

Fried char with black kale,
fennel & char's caviar

Traditional € 13

Potato dumpling stuffed with pork's greaves,
sauerkraut & brown butter

Beef broth with fried cheese dumpling
& root vegetables

Sweet € 13

Caramelized parsnip with marinated pear,
salted caramel & parsnip ice cream

Apple tarte with thyme,
sourcream ice cream & pickled pine cones

Curd dumpling with brown cheese, nut crumble
& stewed plums

Cheese with
sugarroe syrup & sourdough bread

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