Anton-Schneider-Straße 5, Bregenz


Weiss. White. Weiss is timeless. Weiss is elegant. Weiss goes with anyone and anything.
Weiss is simple, like all good things in life.

Weiss is a restaurant, bar and café. It is fun, inspiring, ready to make you happy and full. And us too! Weiss is the sum of locally-sourced ingredients of the best quality, people who share our philosophy and work ethic. Of skill, creativity, love of experiments, nature, hospitality, simplicity and just everything we do. A place for everyone. All for Weiss. Weiss for all.

The house, located on Anton-Schneider-Straße 5 in Bregenz, Austria, has a long-standing tradition as a restaurant/café. Under various names (Neubeck, Füxl, Bistro etc.) and, from 1926 to 1980, Café Weiss, it served as a personal and cosy space with an urban touch, welcoming people from near and far, locals and visitors and cultural tourists. Now Weiss comes back as Weiss, and again there’s that personal, cosy, urban touch. Don’t you like things coming full circle?

Arbeiten im Weiss

We are hiring! We're looking for a person to support us very soon in Service!

in fact:

// Service Fulltime

If you like working with people, you have passion for gastronomy and you want to take the chance to build up Weiss Restaurant with us, just write us.